We are Appmonz

The leading Digital Data Centric Agency
A dynamic team of strategists and domain experts trusted by top notch brands and premium publishers!

Data-Centric Agency for Brands and Publishers based in Singapore with customers in APAC

In Asia, we provide the data monetization solutions, consulting and managed services to drive your digital success. Audience development and revenue focus!
Our services loaded with business initiative, advisory, and solution management to help you build the best possible experience on audience development, user engagement, and sale conversion with privacy and control.
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Our Mission

Bridge Publishers and Brands through data without feeling lost.

Data Driven Approach

Best Practice
We provide Consulting and Managed Service covers Data Strategy, Digital strategy and Transformation, Digital Journalist and Content Marketing Strategy, Audience Development, Full Funnel Campaign through audience data, Audience Network Management, Yield Optimization, and Data Solution Management.
Proven Technology
Our Solution leds to Machine Learning, Data Management Platform, Customer Data Platform, Data Analytic, Content Personalization, Advertising Technology, Self-Service Platform, Subscription Solution. Including nationwide WHITE-LABEL Audience and Content Network.

Our Partners


We are a group of digital expert professionals here to share our collective decades of digital initiative, intelligence and experience with you. We aim to inspire, collaborate and drive those to your business success.